To Another Year of Growth | Go Train Fitness


To another year of growth 

Happy with my current environment to keep pushing things with personal and professional growth. 

I’ve always wanted a decent gym space where I live to do what you want when you want to do it, and have to answer to no one.

The same goes for a productive work space. I generally think amidst all of this it’s made lots of us look at things differently. 

I’m going to continue to push Go Train and have some exciting projects on the horizon which I’m really excited about. 

It’s funny I started as a PT with a trailer on my bicycle cycling around to my clients dragging around 60kg in it. I thought it was a great idea at the time but then quickly realised it was fun going down hills until you had to cycle back up them. 

In the 5-6 years process of running my business I’ve experienced many setbacks.

I initially was juggling 3 jobs; playing in a wedding band, being a posty and PT ing on the evenings and mornings in between. 

I used to work 7 days a week, I did what ever I had to because I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve. It’s still in process like everything always is because you get to one level and then you set your sights on the next. It definitely has to become about understanding it’s all about the process. 

I’ve had many injuries along the way and remember cycling to clients with my arm in a sling through the snow at 5:30am, I messed up my back on multiple occasions could barely walk and couldn’t squat for a year but put my focus into learning more about the body. 

I’ve been ripped off due to my naivety thinking that everyone is in it to help others when really all they give a sh*t about is their own financial gain. 

I’ve been depressed multiple times and wanted to quit, I’ve had sleepless nights worrying about clients and thinking whether my life would be easier to just get a job working for someone else. 

I face self doubt every single day to push out of my comfort zone to try and offer more value to clients. 

I’ve withstood a global pandemic and put in hours of work to put systems in place to transition my business to offer a great online coaching service I’m proud of. 

I’ve been on tour with not only an amazing band but some amazing people setting up training sessions in the middle of arenas all across Europe. 

I’m invested hundreds if not thousands into my own education to further my knowledge to over a better service to my clients. 

I’ve met some amazing people and some complete wankers. 

My brother came up with the name of my business and after one of the toughest times both physically and mentally I decided to launch a business to help others. 

I would be proud if I gave it all up tomorrow...but we aren’t f*cking done yet!

To everyone I’ve met and who has supported me along the way both clients, family and relationships. Thank you!