Go Train Legs - Quads - Go Train Fitness


We worked our way up to 150kg for our 1RM set by performing a variation of 5-3-1 ( 2 x warm up sets at 70% of 1RM, then performing 2 x sets of 5 reps at 80%, 1 x set of 3 at 90% and then finally 1 x 1RM at 100%). 

The slightly raised rubber pad under the heels emulates lifting shoes and enables slightly better posture, whilst also emphasising the workload onto the quads.  

The legpress with resistance bands is a great way to keep eccentric tension on the legs and challenge them on the way down, and it also increases the difficulty on the concentric phase of the movement becoming more difficult as the band stretches. Try it out, it's a great addition to standard legpress exercises. We also made sure that our rep range was no lower than 15 reps, to ensure time-under-tension and maximise the hypertrophy we were aiming for. 

We finally finished on leg extensions performing 4 sets of 12-15 with a 3-drop, drop set at the end. This workout was part of a two way split focusing on quads and is short and effective. For any advice, program design or personal training please get in touch and we will happily help!