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I rarely eat vegan but when I do it’s usually cooked for me by someone else ~ this was made for me by one of my 5 brothers and tasted like shiiittttt...nah it didn’t, it was actually really good. 

If you’re struggling to see progress and are putting in the hard work within your training sessions, there’s a good chance it’s what you’re doing outside of your sessions.

Getting into a routine with what you’re eating to support your goal whether that’s to lose or gain weight will be fundamental to your progress. 

I find a lot of clients struggle more with this than the actual training because initially it means changing habits, staying consistent in challenging environments such as a work office full of temptations, fighting your own cravings or potentially a mate in a pub continuously offering you a drink. 

Here’s a couple of tips to hopefully help create your own routine and give you a bit of a guide:  

🎯 Track what you consume (inc: beverages, condiments) for 5-7 days include the weekend

Why ~ create some awareness about your current habits and the calorie/macronutrients content. 

🎯 Get an estimated calorie goal to by using a calculator: this will give you a guide, the best way is to monitor progress, be consistent and adjust accordingly. 

Why because regardless of how healthy your food choices are changing your body composition (the way you look) comes down to energy balance. (What you’re consuming vs what you’re expending). 

Deficit ~ weight loss 

Surplus ~ weight gain 

🎯 Set yourself a protein goal between 1.8-2.7g per kg/bodyweight. Of course this will vary depending on age, gender, body composition, activity levels etc. 

Why ~ we know protein helps keep us fuller for longer, it also helps repair our trained muscles and preserves lean muscle tissue which is important when we are losing weight. 

🎯 Based around foods you enjoy you can now build your own routine abiding to some parameters that you’ve set above. Aim to include nutrient dense whole foods, lots of leafy greens, lean sources of proteins and some good fat and fibre within this and you’re onto a winner. 

This is one approach and may suit some people more than others of course. There are lots of approaches and for personal training and online clients we find the best approach based around a client's goal, lifestyle and preferences. 

Any help, of course just get in touch